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September 2006
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5 Simple Steps to Link Building With a Blog

By Brian Clark

Adding a blog to your domain can be a great way to score inbound links. You’ll want to write things that truly connect with people, and that also result in a direct, specific and quantifiable action — like a link, a Delicious social bookmark, or a vote at news aggregation site Digg.

Each link, bookmark and vote you earn has a tendency to create others, depending on how well your copy offers something of real value to the reader. Check later for how well you did, and keep at it.

So here’s the 5 keys to writing blog posts that attract links:

1. Post Titles

A really great headline hints at a reward for the reader so they are willing to read the rest. Your post title is the first crucial step to getting a link to your post, but only if you follow up with content that matches your headline promise.

2. Lists

It’s a blogosphere favorite for good reason — “list” content works, in large part due to the attention-grabbing power of the headline. Any time you make a list that gives a number of reasons, secrets, types, or ways to do something will work because people like quickly digestible content.

3. “How To” Articles

It’s no secret that “how to” articles and blog posts are some of the most sought after, linked to, and bookmarked content online. People want useful information, and they’ll reward you by promoting it to others when you provide it.

4. Link Out

To get link love, you gotta give link love. So link out to other bloggers as much as possible. Don’t worry about losing readers. The counter-intuitive rule of the Internet (to quote blogger Dave Winer) is the more you send them away the more they come back.

5. Persistence

You may work hard on an article or resource that you’re just positive will spread like wildfire, and yet hear nothing but lonely crickets chirping upon release. Just keep at it. Put your audience first with everything you write, and success will come.

Brian Clark is the founder of which provides free video tutorials that help you start a profitable Internet home business. He also writes about online copywriting that works at his blog

Copyright 2006 Brian Clark

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