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September 2006
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62-151 Media Group Blog Goes Live

Our template selection is now complete .. and we have chosen the template called “REGULUS 2.1.3” by Ben Gillbanks. The link suggests version 2.1.2 but, the latest version is 2.1.3 when you download it.

What I like about this theme .. is it’s flexibility with the graphics. All you have to do is create a graphic header that is 730px by 140px in size .. and then go into a sub-menu option under your Presentations tab in your wordpress blog .. and just add the URL and select and save for use in the template. No overwriting basic logo.jpg or modifying the style.css sheet for your background image. Also, there are a few different basic mastheads that you can select that’s preset for you .. if you want it. You can have your blog name and tagline appear on the right side, or – like me – you can tick a box and disable it and just let your graphic show.

You can also select some secondary color scheme for boxes around the calendar, search, and outline .. I chose the light blue to match our logo, although the orange spice looks nice, the calm blue looks okay and the green might look okay if you have a nice header to match.

Okay! That’s enough promotion. I just have so many blogs and have tried so many templates, I just wanted to put an extra link out for a “GOOD JOB!” to those web designers putting out free content for us, that is of higher quality and standards of usability.

Take care.
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