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November 2006
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Are You Sure You Are Not Spamming The Search Engines? Here’s How To Tell

By Monica Corral-lorica

Webmaster who lack sufficient knowledge about search engine optimization and search engine spamming may already be utilizing spamming techniques without even knowing it. It is important that webmasters and search engine optimizers realize what search engine spamming is to be able to avoid it. Remember that search engine spamming – intentional or not – still causes a number if penalties from the search engines.

The fact is that there are really webmasters who use search engine spamming intentionally. They utilize search engine spamming techniques to boost their website’s ranking on the search results. What they are doing is technically tricking the search engines. This action indeed deserves penalty. But how about those who use search engine spamming unintentionally? The penalty remains the same! So the best thing to do is to be familiar with the search engine spamming techniques and avoid them at all times.

Search Engine Spamming

Technically, search engine spamming is the trick other webmasters use to secure a higher site ranking position on search results. Webmasters who use the search engine spamming technique create irrelevant web content that appears on a highly visible position of the search results. However, search engine spamming does not adhere to the rules set by the search engines so it normally results to penalty and worst – site banning.

Commonly Used Search Engine Spamming Techniques

Here are the three commonly used search engine spamming techniques today. Avoid them at all times if you don’t want your website to get penalized or worst – banned!

• Hidden Text

If you use texts of the same color to the background of the web page, you are spamming the search engines. In the first place, why will you use the same color on the text and the background if you don’t have any other motive than providing your site visitors with relevant information? The reason behind hidden text is keyword stuffing. Webmasters place keywords on the page through hidden text.

• Doorway Pages

This search engine spamming technique works by optimizing a particular page to rank well on the search results. This page, also called the doorway page, contains loads of keywords (which is another spamming technique – keyword stuffing). And the doorway page leads to a completely different website when clicked.

• Link Spamming

Avoid joining link farms for they will do more harm than good to your website. It is true that the search engines value links but they value only relevant links! Link farms offer nothing but irrelevant links.

Knowing these things about search engine spamming, let me ask you again, are you spamming the search engines or not? Beware because these search engine spamming techniques are off to pull your websites down!

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