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November 2006
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Basics of Social Bookmarking

If you’ve been messing around online, chances are you’ve come across the expression “social bookmarking”. The really basic explanation of social bookmarking is that it’s like taking some or all of your “Favorites” folder and storing it online. So you can login from any computer, anywhere in the world, and access your important URLs.

Sounds great, right? It makes life much easier if you don’t need to carry around a list of URLs, or email them to yourself so you can login to your favorite sites from an Internet cafe. But that’s not all that social bookmarking can do. You can share your list of favorites with other people. So if you know other people who are interested in the same things as you, they can check out your list and discover what new and exciting sites you’ve found about that subject.

So if you’re using the internet to market your service or website, it stands to reason that there must be some way of using social bookmarking to your advantage. If you’d like to see what it’s all about, head over to which is one of the most popular social bookmarking services. On the main page there are numerous URLs, with a descriptive heading. Just beside each heading, in faint letters, are the words “save this”. If you click on “save this”, you will then either need to login to your account, or create a new one. You can then add this URL to your list, put in your own description, tags or notes, and it’s done.

You can even check out the “settings” area of your account to import your current Favorites folder. But social bookmarking is all about telling others, so that’s what comes next. If you have your own web page, you can grab some code, load it into your page, and add a “save this page” button to all the pages of your website. The code can be found under “help”, then “For Publishers” and continue to the “Feeds and Tools” section.

If you’re serious about getting the word out about your site, then get friends and families to either go to your site and use “save this page” to add it to their social bookmarking list, or they can do it directly from the social bookmarking site. It’s important not to load your social bookmarking account up with junk, and go easy on overdoing it too, or you may find your account suspended.

To help you get started with social bookmarking, I recommend that you check out an automated social bookmarking tool called the Auto Social Poster. This tool will allow you to automatically bookmark pages of your wordpress blog. It does the tedious work so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Read more about it here: (affiliate)

Social bookmarking is still in its infancy, but if you learn the ropes and get started, you may well find it makes a big difference to your online marketing efforts.

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