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November 2006
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Our Directory Listing Rejection Letter

Currently, on average, I am deleting over 150 spam entries into the Directory Listing every day. The amount seems to rise to about 200-300 these past two weekends .. and I must assume that it will get worse.

My biggest “PEEVE” is that our directory listing is being added to some automated software or script out there – (probably by one of those sites that promises to include you in 10,000 or a billion websites) – and site inclusion requests are not following my pre-requisite instructions.

I’m pretty flexible to what can go in the directory site .. but every site that is included is tested to see that no porn is immediately available on the splash and cover page .. and that no virus or spyware is provided to any surfer looking at the sites.

In my email program – I have about 1000 bad email addresses used by others to add sites into the directory listing and it bounced all my approval or rejection replies. In the future – I will be making up a complete list and banning sites by email (besites I.P. and URL) and making this list public to other directory site owners.

For the immediate though, I don’t even test or look at your site now – if the inclusion request does not show a valid I.P. address (automated) .. or does not select a sub-category topic (besides SMALL BUSINESS general heading) I am deleting the request and sending the following rejection email:

[62-151 Site Submission: Not Successful]

Your site was rejected because you used automated software to add your site to our directory and/or did not follow our specified directions when submitting your site.

Please go to URL and then select a TOPICAL SUB-CATEGORY that describes your site .. and ADD URL.

All submissions that have not been made to topical sub-categories (as required and stated during URL submission) are deleted immediately.

If you do not see a suitable sub-category that describes your site .. SUGGEST one .. and wait approximately 24 hours until it gets included as an option!

If you are unsure how to categorize your site .. please place your site in the
I’M NOT SURE (PLEASE CATEGORIZE ME) general category and we will figure out something and add your site immediately.

We hope you understand, that while we are manually checking every site for negative content (porn, spam, virus/spyware, etc). We do not want to start classifying sites or your content – we just want to list them in a reasonably sensible order and grouping.

If you think this rejection is an error, and your site should qualify for a listing (or you have submitted more than once).. please contact HART at .. (mistakes are sometimes made).

62-151 Media Group

I think I am reasonable, because, practically on every page, I have mentioned this – plus the occasional times here in this blog.

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