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November 2006
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Tag and Ping – Social Bookmarking Secrets

By Mikel Freije

Tag and Ping, these three words have suddenly become the mantra that every body seems to be chanting. Its almost reminiscent of the days when Blog and Ping was being sold as the sole panacea for indexing and getting traffic to your sites.

The “Tag And Ping” method that every body is talking about is nothing but taking social bookmarking and leveraging it for SEO.

While social bookmarking has been around for quite some time and was originally intended to help users categorize and store their favorite links online, SEO professionals soon saw the potential for utilizing this to get their sites to rank high.

Tag And Ping can be used to promote any type of website, whether its a website monetized with Google Adsense, your Blog, Your sales page or even a site promoting affiliate products.

You know, luckily not many people know that Social Bookmarking can be used as a link building methodology and this presents you a great opportunity, as a Tag Automator subscriber, to stay one step ahead of the competition.

The strategies explained over the next few emails will help you get an unbelievable avalanche of traffic to your sites and the Tag Automator software suite will multiply that many times more.

So stay tuned and make the most of this strategy.

So, What Is Social Bookmarking ?

Social bookmarking is utilizing a web service, where users create a public repository of bookmarks pertaining to sites that they like.

The concept of social bookmarking dates back to 1996 with the launch of, followed by services like Blink and Hotlinks and many more. But, the popularity of Social Bookmarking increased with the advent of the most popular bookmarking site till date,

Social bookmarking sites organize their content using tags. Social bookmarking sites are an increasingly popular way to locate, classify, rank, and share Internet resources through the practice of tagging and inferences drawn from grouping and analysis of tags.

And What is a Tag?

A tag is basically a keyword. It is a label that you categorize a website under. For example if I was tagging this website, I would tag it under “tag and ping”, “tag”, “ping” etc.

Tagging is simply a way to find a website that I bookmark without remembering where you put it. You can just enter a tag to find websites that you have marked with certain tags.

The tags act as a way to quickly find your bookmarks without remembering where you put them. This is why the bookmark sites allow you to assign more than one tag.

These bookmark sites allow you to share your personal bookmarks with the public. This is where the term “social” comes into play. When you bookmark a site other people can also find the site that you bookmarked if they enter the same tag that you classified the site under.

Not only can you find the sites that you tagged under certain keywords but so can everyone else.

These bookmarks and tags may seem like geekspeak, but from an SEO standpoint these can build you a massive amount of backlinks which seem to originate from authority sites.

Author, Mike Freije, contributes articles on Internet Marketing for . For more information on Tag and Ping, visit or

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