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November 2006
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Traffic Building With Blogs Takes Persistence

By Brian Clark

There’s no doubt that you can build big traffic with a blog.

It just takes a wee bit more work than it used to.

Not long ago, you could post a picture of your cat on a Friday and get attention. Bloggers still love to link, but as any environment becomes more crowded, people become more discriminating. After all, a link is a form of personal recommendation, and it says something about both ends of the hypertext.

You may work hard on an article or resource that you’re just positive will spread like wildfire, and yet hear nothing but lonely crickets chirping upon release. Not even a measly comment.

Bummer . . . back to the drawing board.

As she left the theater following the Forrest Gump premiere in 1994, Sharon Stone was dismayed to see that the paparazzi had failed to notice her. She returned to the theater and tried again.

Again they failed to notice her…

Finally, on her third attempt, she was noticed, and pestered, as planned.

Source: Anecdotage

Just keep at it. Put your audience first with everything you write, and success will come.

Creating blog posts that go viral is actually a process, not a single event. You’re building relationships that result from showing up, day after day, giving your readers the best you’ve got. Sometimes it just takes a while to get noticed, but the time invested is still likely a better value than advertising.

So stick with it and it will pay off.

Brian Clark is the founder of which provides free Internet marketing video tutorials for starting an Internet home business. He also writes about copywriting at his blog

Copyright 2006 Brian Clark

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