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November 2006
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Viral E-Books – The Fastest Way To Create Massive Streams Of Web Traffic At No Cost

By Hans De Grande

You probably have your own website or have plans to build one, otherwise you won’t be reading this article. You know that there are lots of ways to make a nice living on the internet.

What do you need?

Of course you need something to sell. This might be your own product or products, or someone else’s products as an affiliate.

This article is not about affiliate marketing, it’s about building traffic. Creating tons of targeted traffic to you sales pages. The more people visiting your sales pages, the more profit you make.

Why not using search engines, this is a free way to be found?

It’s free, that’s correct. And there’s is nothing wrong with building strong content pages to get high rankings. BUT it takes time, in fact it takes lot of time and work to get nice results.

You need a solution with no cost and working fast!

Write a review about your product. Show the benefits, talk about the pain they will suffer not having the product. Show testimonials, quote other people’s (positive) comments about the product. Make the readers feel they really need your product.

In other words, presell.

Save the book as a PDF document. PDF is the most used format for e-books because both windows and apple users can read it. Everybody can have a free adobe reader.

Then give the e-book away for free. There are lots of “free e-book sites” where you can drop the book. Visitors find your book and they can download the e-book.

Make it “rebrandable”.

If you offer an affiliate program for your products, which I strongly recommend, then you can give rebrandable e-books for free. Your affiliates can put their own affiliate links in the book so they can make a profit. As a result, they will spread the free e-book to other people.

– It doesn’t take a long time to write the book and put it on several “free e-book sites”.

– There’s no cost attached.

– The e-book will multiply on autopilot.

– You get huge streams of targeted traffic, because the reader wants the product when he visits your site.

Success, live happy and free

Hans De Grande

Learn the ultimate force of free viral e-books at no cost

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