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Make The Most of Your Search Part 2 – More Search Secrets

By Steve Bis

The next article in this series is going to be a brief article on how you can use different strings to get back results containing different file formats. Certain file formats can be useful for a variety of things Excell spreadsheets can come in handy for people running a business. People who like to read documents that can be printed out instead of from their computers might prefer to search for information in PDF format. Powerpoint documents are another great way to learn, these slide shows can be extremely powerful.

These strings are a little bit different than the ones in the previous article. Instead of typing the string before your search term you must type it afterwards. For example if I wanted to search for a document in PDF format I would type in internet marketing filetype:pdf you must remember though always type the search term followed by a space then filetype:(whatever document you want to search for and there is no space in between the colon and the filetype you want to search for. So just to show you one more time, “internet marketing” that is going to be my search term, then you type the filetype. It would look like this, internet marketing filetype:pdf.


This allows you to search through all documents that are in PDF format. You must have acrobat reader downloaded on your computer in order to read this file type. These are great for people who want to read say an extended report on something but prefer to print it out and curl up on their couch as opposed to staring at the computer screen.


This is a Rich Text file which is a mix between plain text and rich text. Rich text meaning text that can be bolded or italicized, things of that nature this is very similar to what the text looks like in a word processor.


This bring back results showing all Word documents. These are often what people use to write out reports or papers for school and other such projects. Simply is just a word processor and text formatting program. However there is much good information that can be found within these files.


Excell spreadsheets. Plain and simply put you will get returned any results that have excell spreadsheets pertaining to your search term. These are useful for many business owners. They can record stats and results of things happening over a period of time.


The Powerpoint string brings back results of Powerpoint presentations pertaining the search term you chose. Just like all of the previous strings. Powerpoint presentations are extremely useful learning tools. These presentations are in the form of a slide show, having almost the same learning effect as the overhead projectors used in school to take notes. Many teachers use this method of teaching in school at all levels from elementary all the way through college.

These search strings mentioned above can be of great power to someone researching on the internet, whether it be for a school term paper, someone in the internet marketing field researching for their business. So go ahead and try using some of the strings mentioned above next time your surfing the web looking for good information.

Search engine specialist Stephen Bis, is the author of the free search secrets newsletter and owns a unique web search tool that will find anything in 60 seconds. Eliminating your search frustrations.

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