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How to Get Listed on Search Engines Part I

By Mark Fortimer

If you want to be successful in internet marketing, you have to know how to get listed on search engines. There are certain steps you can take to facilitate this, and also certain things you must not do, or you will fail.

The secret to success is to make your website as relevant to the keyword it is targeting as possible, and to make the site easy for the search engine spiders to follow. It does not matter how many pages your website has: each page that is important must be able to be easily crawled by the search engines, and each page that has less relevance, or is less important, should be hidden. You should have a good long look at every page in your site and decide whether or not it is providing good information on the topic to a visitor.

If you decide that it is not, you should then decide whether or not the page is necessary, and whether it should stay on the site. If not, then remove it. If so then keep it on, but hide it from the spiders using ‘rel=nofollow’ in your html. You must not overuse this but neither should you expose pages to the search engines that do not offer good and relevant content to visitors as spiders perceive it. Examples of pages that might not do so, but that are necessary on your website, are affiliate sales pages that you want visitors to look at, but will not add to the perceived value of your site in the eyes of search engine spiders, or squeeze pages designed to collect email addresses, but that do not provide good content related to the subject of your website as a whole.

Once you are sure that every page on your site that the spiders are allowed to crawl provides good content, then you can work to improve that content. Do not use too many keywords. If you site has been built around the subject of American Literature, the use the words American Literature no more than three times every 500 words. Forget the old advice of 1% – 3% keyword density. If you used your keyword 15 times in a 500 word page or article, you would have very little chance of Google listing you.

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