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May 2007
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How to Get Listed on Search Engines Part II

By Mark Fortimer

Your navigation must be simple to follow, and no navigation visible to spiders should take them away from your webpage. You must also start working on getting some good links back to your website. Links work best if they are directed to specific pages on your site, and not to a ‘links’ page. However, not all links are good. All one way links are good, where you do not have to provide a reciprocal link back to the other party’s site, but these are getting increasingly more impossible to get.

If your link is a reciprocal link, whereby you both provide a link to each other, the site with the lower Google page ranking gets the best deal. If you have a page rank of 5 and a site with the normal page rank of 0 to 3 asks you for a reciprocal link, they will get more benefit from it than you will. So, while you need links, get them intelligently. However, if you find negotiation for links difficult, also keep in mind that even links from new sites are better than no links at all.

Finally, contrary to what everybody tries to tell you, especially those selling search engine submission services, there is no need to submit your site to a search engine. A true search engine such as Google, or Yahoo now that it is more than just a website directory, searches the World Wide Web for websites containing keywords relating to the terms used by Google customers. You don’t have to ‘submit’ a site to have it spidered, and sometimes it is better that you don’t.

It will help, however to submit a sitemap to both Google and Yahoo, and both of these search engines provide information on how to do that. If you learn how to get listed on search engines by carrying out these simple logical steps, then you should be able to generate free traffic every time you have a new website that you want published on the internet.

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