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December 2007
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Building Link Popularity & Obtaining Inbound Links

By Rahman Mehraby

By building link popularity, you launch a campaign to get one way inbound links from other websites. Building link popularity makes other websites post links to your site. They do so if you convince them with great content that’s worth introducing at their sites.

The result will be higher page rank, traffic and revenue to your website and online business. Incoming links play a fundamental role in the popularity of your website among search engines – link popularity.

Inbound Links and Website Credibility

You should have heard all Internet marketers saying “content is king”! How does this relate to our topic? Well, the answer is very simple: By building link popularity. In other words, it occurs when you have a content that is comprehensive, informative, useful, interesting and unique. Help other other websites find you and post links to your site.

This means that other websites regard the information, product or service you sell as valuable. Then, you receive inbound links from them. Every single quality one way link from a website to you is a credit you receive for your content. So, start building link popularity before it gets late.

The most successful method of inbound links come from:

* Pages with relevant theme and topic,

* Pages with higher Google page rank,

* Content pages, not link pages,

* Well-known directories like DMOZ and Yahoo,

* Online encyclopedias,

* University websites, and

* Creditable websites from your niche or category.

Inbound Links in the Eyes of Search Engines

Search engines give you lots of credit for inbound links. Building link popularity helps your website be found more often and more easily. Some of them help your webpage get higher ranking too.

Google relies a lot on your inbound links and gives you higher ranking for the quality links your web pages receive. For Google, link popularity, quality inbound links your site gets from other websites, is more important than on-site optimization like meta data, tags, headings, etc.

Although the number of links you get plays a substantial role here, the quality of inbound links does more good to your website in building link popularity.

Another advantage of building link popularity is to have more indexations in various search engines. In other words, when there are more pages outside your site linking to you, your website becomes more visible for search engines and consequently for your visitors.

What’s a Quality Inbound Link?

There are several essential factors that should exist in the link-sending pages so that search engines consider your inbound links quality ones. Here are some:

1. The page that sends a link to you should have content relevant to your page receiving it.

2. It will be even a lot better if the link-sending page has got the same keywords as your link-receiving page.

3. It’s preferred to get links from a page the title of which contains the same keyword as your link-receiving page.

4. It’s recommended to receive text links from pages the rank of which are equal to your link-receiving page or even higher. Generally, it’s better, at least, to have links from +2PR web pages within a website with good future.

5. The link-sending page shouldn’t have taken illegitimate measures to obtain high page rank from search engines.

6. It’s better to get inbound links from pages in which there aren’t more than 30 outbound links. Pages with +100 outgoing links are considered “link farms” by search engines. They don’t get any credits from search engines. On the contrary, they get banned for what they’re doing.

7. If the link-sending page uses a banner to post a link to your website, it should have your keyword within the alt tag of the banner.

Note: Building link popularity isn’t an easy work to do. It also takes a remarkable amount of your time, but when you see the results, you’ll agree with other SEO experts that it’s been worth struggling for inbound links. It pays off the hassle.

Rahman Mehraby is mainly focused on Website Assessment as an initial step before taking any SEO Packages. He writes articles to help webmasters gain higher organic search engine placement. Visit his website at:

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