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How To Write Many SEO Articles on The Same Subject and Keywords

By Dana Prince

Do you need to hire a professional article writer or should you write your own SEO articles? You can attempt either but it is important, even if you are hiring someone else, to know a little about what’s needed for effective SEO writing. This will help you spot a great article writer.

If you want to do this yourself and have a knack for writing and are good at research, you can effectively write many articles on the same subject and get good results if you follow some solid advice.

Some people both in and outside the content business shudder when I talk about having to write large batches of articles about the same subject, especially if it’s an obscure or narrow niche topic. Many clients of mine come to me for large batches of articles about the same subject because they need unique content and that’s one of my specialties. I once had to write twenty-four unique articles about synthetic industrial rubber in a span of a few days. Another time I wrote fifty articles about Spyware in a few days. Once I wrote 700 short articles in a month about online learning. Last month I wrote 53 articles about Florida real estate investing. You’d better believe it was very tricky to not write the same thing over and over!

As a business, when you want to increase your inbound links , improve organic SEO, or build awareness of your products online, article writing is a fabulous idea. You can use the articles on your site and sprinkle them throughout cyberspace to help increase your site’s visibility and traffic levels. The idea of writing multiple articles on the same subject can be daunting though and this is where an article writer can come in handy.

How do I write so many unique articles on one topic?

Writing many articles on one topic is sometimes easy and sometimes it’s not a simple task. Depending on the subject matter and the type of articles and goals my client has I might take several approaches. When a batch is really large, sometimes I split it into several smaller batches so I can concentrate on multiple ideas. Breaking a topic down into ideas can help. Keyword research can also help tremendously. Sometimes you can figure out just what to write about on a topic by finding out what others are searching for. Look at what the top Google results are about too! Sometimes, clients have several different keywords and that’s a great way to differentiate articles. You can also write several articles with the same idea but with different words. Some of my other approaches are my own secret golden formula and the ability to get creative and use a thesaurus comes in handy in my line of work. I do also sometimes split batches among several writers as well so that the articles can be truly unique. When you get stale on a subject you can be surprised at what someone else can come up with!

I often take a batch of keywords or a list and start by extensive researching and then some brainstorming. Fairly quickly it can be evident what approach and ideas might work and be interesting or entertaining. I know that when I write a large batch (or even a small batch) of articles, I need to accommodate two tasks.

* First, I need to make the articles readable and interesting.

* Second, I need to make them attractive to search engine spiders.

I do keyword research and take a Long Tail approach and very often you’ll find that when you look closer at articles I write for you that a single article is really optimized for more than one keyword. I’m hoping to give you value and increase your results by making the article more likely to be indexed multiple ways. More relevant keywords equals more relevance on a subject according to users and to search engines. Spinning Articles

At times I have to spin articles a little. This might mean repositioning a few paragraphs and then rewording them. This can create a whole new article about the same subject but one that wouldn’t be discovered by a duplicate content filter. While we don’t want to regurgitate the same content over and over, when you are submitting to multiple article directories you might want to use this approach at least minimally to get more mileage out of your articles.

When you need to reach a wide audience by way of several article directories, re-titling, writing unique meta descriptions and spinning the article content can work to your advantage. The most important thing about articles for your company is that you have unique and varied content in the article writing that accomplishes the task of piquing the interest of the reader as well as meeting the needs of search engines.

Dana Prince is a freelance blogger and blogger who focuses on many areas including SEO articles, writing about internet marketing, self improvement, software licensing and writer mentoring.

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