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May 2010
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You can’t launch an online business without thinking of online website promotion. SEO specialists know that without this critical step in place, there is no way that you can ever hope to earn a decent income online. A lot of entrepreneurs however actually obsess too much over this aspect. They may be unaware that there are easy steps to getting their sites noticed.

One initial step that many experts now take is to make press release statements. This is not a strategy that every marketer uses because some think that there is nothing newsworthy about launching a site. Press releases however are really great ways to let the world know of new products. Traditional marketers have been using it for ages to launch their products. There is no law that says it can’t be used to promote your website.

After press releases, the next best step to take is to go into article marketing. For your initial promotional wave, you can submit at least ten articles to various article directories. This will get you a preliminary set of quality back links plus interested visitors from these directories who happen to read your article submissions. This form of promotional strategy is actually one of the oldest ones used by internet marketers. There is every indication though that this old school technique will stay useful for years to come.

With the evolution of marketing methods comes video marketing. SEO experts can use visual presentations in conjunction with article submissions. Videos can be uploaded in video sharing sites. Doing so can help with website promotion in much the same way as submitting articles would. One advantage of videos is that a lot of people actually find them more enjoyable than written text. By using presentations, you are better able to hook visitor interest.

Site marketing and promotion can really be performed in a straightforward manner. You just have to make sure though that your existing campaign is executed on a regular basis. You need to consistently churn out quality content for effective promotion. You probably will not be able to do so if you attempt to do everything yourself. The good news is that you don’t have to bear the brunt of website promotion. You can hire contractors to take on the load for you.

Freelance sites offer the best choices for contractors. Depending on the nature and scope of your project, you can get workers who are expert site optimizers and who can take to a task with little supervision. Contractors with high work standards can give you the best results while helping clear your time for more important business matters.

If you need to provide very specific instructions to your contractors, you are unlikely to encounter issues. All you need to do is to create short video clips using online video creation tools or software. This is the best way to keep your contractors within your preferred protocol.

Online website promotion doesn’t have to be a painful process. You can choose not to make your life complicated by using the most basic effective methods and SEO techniques and by hiring the right people to do the job.

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