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September 2010
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Traffic Building- Which Method is Best?

It’s pretty obvious why website owners get all revved up about traffic building. This is what online entrepreneurs need the most to generate good sales. There are quite a fair number of techniques that SEO experts can use but not all of them offer you the best results for your investment.

There are two different sources of possible sales conversions. You can take the traditional direct approach and automatically invite people to drop by your site. You can also draw visitors through the implementation of tried and tested SEO strategies. The specific techniques that you decide to employ would naturally depend on the particular source that you would like to tap.

Direct strategies to build traffic are similar in a lot of respects to offline promotion. The most common ways to draw attention to your items for sale is to plug them in product presentations, conventions, meetings, e-mail exchanges and telephone chats. Like every other marketing campaign, your main tools here are your personality and your list of business and personal connections. Tap the people you know and get them interested in what you have to offer.

Traffic generation through SEO doesn’t take the same social approach. The main objective of SEO specialists is to get robots to notice your site first. Once these give your site their thumbs up, you get the benefit of getting indexed and ranked. Your focus should be to get your site ranked on top. The higher you are in search engine pages, the better it will be for your web traffic building campaign. Most experts say that top listed sites get clicked more often than sites that are found in the second to third results pages.

SEO can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. This is especially because there are many different techniques to consider. If you have tight resources, you would naturally want to zero in on a method that offers the best results. Unfortunately, there is no one single way that will be most appropriate for everyone. Different marketers with different skills and orientations will have varying preferences. Take note though that however you choose to build traffic with SEO, keyword research and placement are important concepts to master.

Even before you build a site, keywords can already offer you a glimpse of traffic potential. The most basic explanation of keyword research is that it is the task of determining which phrases search engine users input in search fields. Various analysis tools reveal information about traffic volume and level of competition for specific key phrases.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that a lot of keywords can help draw visitors. Not all terms however are equal when it comes to selling power. Some analysts point out for example that in the health niche, phrases that include remedy in them are among the best sellers. When you research on keywords, take the extra step to locate phrases that can sell better than others.

A complete web traffic building campaign that starts with keyword research doesn’t come cheap. This is why online entrepreneurs prefer to settle for methods that are cost efficient. Remember though not to sacrifice applicability for affordability.

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