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June 2011
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Local Search Engine Marketing: Get Your Website Discovered With Various Methods and Strategies

How can a local business or salesperson utilize the Internet to their benefit to gain more customers within the community? The question is supposed to be answered by local search engine marketing.

Such marketing is an effort to use the power of large search engines such as Google to help individuals locate local service providers. The major goal of such marketing is to ensure that a business’s name will be the first one in the area that pops up when a person runs a search on related words in that area.

Understanding How Search Engines Work In Searches

Search engines look through the various content on the Internet for certain keywords and phrases. The search engines will “search” for any website or web content that closely resembles the phrase the person has inputted in. This is why Manchester United’s website pops up at the top of the list when a person runs a search for Manchester football.

The idea behind search engine marketing is to always have a firm’s name pop up at the top of the list when an individual in their area is searching for that service. Most search engine marketing involves picking words or phrases that will make it more likely for the site or content to be found by a search engine. By doing this, people are using a technique dubbed search engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing: Tactics and Strategies To Get Found

Today’s marketing firms employ a wide variety of tactics and strategies in their efforts to be found by search engines. These include many different forms of optimization and the use of keywords, terms likely to be picked up by search engine.

Several marketing efforts involve the generation of content that can be found by search engines. This can include local directories that list certain types of business/services in an area. A directory that has a full list of London car dealerships with reviews about each one is one example of local search engine marketing.

A second effort made at local search engine marketing includes the writing of articles and blogs that mention business’ names and communities. The writing is done with the hope to get the search engine’s attention.

The content created often has keywords that connect the website to the articles and blogs for the business. The hope is that individuals who read the content will click on the key word and go to the website.

Local Search Engine Marketing and Tactics Used

Most local search engine marketing tactics employed today were generated for use on the World Wide Web for marketing ploys. Many of these tactics were originally devised by network marketers and others that only sold services on the web. It’s only natural that some of these methods turned valid for local business marketing.

Thus, businesses need to always be wary when they’re trying to connect in local search marketing. The best strategy is to use tactics devised specifically for local search engine marketing. Local search engine marketing strategies are created to make contact with the local market not the rest of the world.

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