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August 2011
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Grow Your CPA Company- Press Releases Can Help You Market Your Website

No matter the size, all CPA practices gain from publicity and one cool way to achieve this is by releasing a press release.

Firms can gain still more from these instruments if they’ve taken the time to cultivate an internet presence. tax and CPA websites can greatly gain from this tactic, and this combination offers a considerable benefit to the firms shrewd enough to take advantage of it.

Most CPA firms that practice this technique don’t really know what they’re doing, using press releases to announce significant developments like recent service offerings and significant changes to the staff or company. Press releases, though, can and ought to be used to declare any and all of your firms noteworthy events and changes. The only requirement is that it is written in a journalistic style that follows a specific press release format.

There are two huge advantages to putting marketing resources into this strategy. It publicizes your firm, your brand, and your services on the one hand, and on the other it’s cheap.

How does this help practices publicize their websites and themselves? Let’s take a look at the three most important ways that press releases benefit accounting firms.

Press Releases Generate Backlinks

One huge advantage to using press releases is their ability to attract backlinks to CPA website. And if the press release is picked up by Google news, Yahoo news and other media outlets it could generate a lot of publicity and drive a huge amount of traffic to your website.

Search Rankings

Another wonderful benefit of using Press Releases is that the links they bring in can help you in the search engines. Search engines, especially Google, use links to determine a sites importance, or “ranking”. When your website is ranked higher, it shows up higher in the search results for your most important search terms and more people are likely to visit it.

Brand Recognition

Third, a press release can be used to increase brand recognition, but the key to this is to write and distribute press releases on a regular basis. As time goes by repeated exposure to your brand will benefit your firm. The more exposure people have to it the more inclined they’ll be to trust it.

Exploit optimization techniques.

When a press release is distributed through an online news wire, it remains on the Internet indefinitely, which means that it’s also necessary to optimize your press release for the search engines. This is important in that in today’s Internet age people are likely to look online first for information about products and services they are interested in–including journalists who might use it for an article or two and include a link to your business website.

If you sincerely know what you’re doing your press releases will be able to be exposed to an a huge internet. This offers you a powerful advantage. Lots of practices know little if anything about this scheme. These companies are at a big disadvantage in promoting both their firms and their CPA websites.

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