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December 2011
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Online Strategies for Accountancies

The net is turning into an remarkably competitive promotional site for accounting firms. Bright accounting practices nowadays have attractive web sites. In concert with professionally designed websites for accountants these tips can help your business to profit.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are some social networking websites popular today that collect enormous attention from both individual and business prospects. Facebook particularly has grown into the premier destination for most big corporations and the “like” button is frequently employed to keep existing and potential customers up to date with the latest news and targeted special offers.

Twitter is similarly utilized to fire out short messages to followers, many of whom might be looking to utilize the business’ services in the future. LinkedIn, being a professional network, can lend credence to your company and your name as well.


Maintaining an up-to-date presence on YouTube can be extremely lucrative nowadays, particularly given the number of regular subscribers who surf the site each day for everything from odd news to “how-tos.” Attaching your business name to quality material designed to provide insight into the accounting industry or a guide to certain financial matters will effectively position you as a personable and approachable financial expert.
Even though it looks complicated, something as simple as a Tip-of-the-Day with your business’ logo and contact information can win you fans.

Article Databases

Knowledgeable articles by a quality writer can be posted in online databases to draw people back to your website. You’ll need to make sure that they are well-written and informative. Those pieces will not only attract readers to your firm’s accountant website, but also attract internet search robots to link to you.

They find you via hyperlinks and keywords. The more hyperlinks there are around the web that lead back to your site, the more highly you will be ranked within a given search engine. Naturally you don’t want to spam your article with hyperlinks and keywords, but strategic placement can generate a ton of new leads.


There are several ways to keep a blog: keeping your own, contributing to expert sites, or being part of blogging communities where potential clients are. Blogging is superbly equipped for informing people of your CPA practice’s latest news in detail – something essential as you create a longstanding awareness of your business in the minds of possible clients.

Whatever sort of promotion you engage in, know one thing: building this across-the-board information network about your CPA firm is the very most effective technique to attract customers continuously and frequently.

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