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Archive for 'Search Engine Marketing'

How To Write Many SEO Articles on The Same Subject and Keywords

By Dana Prince Do you need to hire a professional article writer or should you write your own SEO articles? You can attempt either but it is important, even if you are hiring someone else, to know a little about what’s needed for effective SEO writing. This will help you spot a great article writer. […]

How to Get Listed on Search Engines Part I

By Mark Fortimer If you want to be successful in internet marketing, you have to know how to get listed on search engines. There are certain steps you can take to facilitate this, and also certain things you must not do, or you will fail. The secret to success is to make your website as […]

Make The Most of Your Search Part 3 – Media Search Secrets

By Steve Bis The search tricks that I am going to show you in this article are a combination of different media searches that search engines have and some search strings. Utilizing these methods that I am going to show you will bring back results of the media files you want to find on a […]

Make The Most of Your Search Part 2 – More Search Secrets

By Steve Bis The next article in this series is going to be a brief article on how you can use different strings to get back results containing different file formats. Certain file formats can be useful for a variety of things Excell spreadsheets can come in handy for people running a business. People who […]

Make The Most of Your Search Part 1 – Search Secrets

By Steve Bis This is going to be a series of articles that is going to help you do exactly what the title suggests “Make the most of your search”. In this series I hope to help my readers get a better understanding of how not only to enhance the way they search the internet, […]

SEO and 4 Others – The Foundations of Increased Web Site Traffic

By Eli Pedelty There’s a simple idea in the world of online business that everyone agrees with: more people see your web site = more potential customers = more business. But beyond this simple point, agreement among internet know-hows tends to go out the window. Almost every webmaster has an opinion on the best way […]

How To Find The Right Keywords For You

By Luella May Finding the right keywords for your own website or articles is not easy. In fact it can be quite daunting a task, especially if the keywords or keyword phrases you do choose never get searched for by anyone using the popular search engines through Google or Yahoo searches for example. So how […]

Manipulate Web Content And Get Higher Search Engine Ranking

By Monica Corral-lorica Web content is one of the most important factors that search engines look for in a website. The search engines are in constant search for fresh quality web content. Because of this, webmasters and website owners must equip their websites with updated and fresh content regularly. Web marketing experts advise webmasters and […]

5 Ways To Reduce The Chances Your Pages Won’t Get The Duplicate Content Penalty

By Marty Fiegl If you’ve done any marketing in the last 6-12 months you’ve no doubt heard about the duplicate content penalty. Web search engines (mainly google) have been slowing improving the technology they use to determine which pages get the penalty (if there really is a penatly). So for starters let’s remember that search […]

Social Networking: Marketing Businesses Online

by Earl Juanico Several complaints from marketers have been cropping up recently out of attempting to use popular and prevailing social networking sites to market their respective businesses. These marketers primarily complained about not getting any real traffic in order to make sales by advertising through these sites. Essentially, the social networking sites that they […]