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January 2019
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Archive for 'Encrusted Tweezers'

Welcome To 62-151 Media Group – On A New Server

Greetings and Salutations .. The nameservers have kicked in over the past weekend and this blog is now ready for new posts. I am in the final stages of testing the database, the permissions, etc etc etc. but, the more I prepare all of the other sites .. it’s going faster and faster now. Yep! […]

Thank You For Your Patience – Move Is Almost Complete

The files have finally been copied over to the new server, and this will be the last post on the old server. I will be changing the Nameserver to stop pointing this domain to the old ISP#2 (as I call it) to the new ISP#3 location. As such, if you can read this post .. […]

How to Get Listed on Search Engines Part II

By Mark Fortimer Your navigation must be simple to follow, and no navigation visible to spiders should take them away from your webpage. You must also start working on getting some good links back to your website. Links work best if they are directed to specific pages on your site, and not to a ‘links’ […]

Upgrade Is Complete

Thank you for your patience. This blog has now been converted to the latest wordpress version 2.1 As such, with all upgrades .. I ask my readers to contact me if you see anything weird or not working or error messages, in case of incompatibility with some of the plugins activated. You may use the […]

Upgrade Is In Progress

Well .. I just noticed that this presentation layout is the WordPress Default 1.6 by Michael Heilemann … the default WordPress theme based on the famous Kubrick … which is news to me, because I never changed it back to this template theme. This is the second of my sites that have been changed, after […]

Basics of Social Bookmarking

If you’ve been messing around online, chances are you’ve come across the expression “social bookmarking”. The really basic explanation of social bookmarking is that it’s like taking some or all of your “Favorites” folder and storing it online. So you can login from any computer, anywhere in the world, and access your important URLs. Sounds […]

HART-Empire Network II

HART-Empire Network II – RSS Feed Listed above is the Site URL and RSS Feed URL to our “Network #2 Blog” .. over at the HART-Empire Network … I hope you check it out! HART-Empire Network II is our newest blog that reposts summaries and headlines from 100% of all blogs in our network. So, […]

Search Engine News Feed at 62-151 Media Group

Just in case you didn’t notice … if you click the [NEWS] button from the top menu .. you will get today’s current news around the internet. This news is a live feed, and not stored on our servers. As an example of the type of news that is available .. I’ll repost what today’s […]

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