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Archive for 'Free-For-All Directory Listing'

Well! That’s THAT then!

I mentioned two days ago that I enabled the Spam Filter on the Directory Listing .. and am pleased to say that the additions per day has dwindled from between 150-200 per day to … 5 per day. And .. about 60% of those 5 entries were not successfully added and needed to be deleted. […]

Featured Listing in our Directory Listing

As you can tell from my previously ‘whined’ posts .. that I am trying to keep the spam out of the directory listing and that I personally accept every site into the directory. It’s a free directory. However, when I first created this site I also created a “Listing Type” to have a Featured listing […]

Spam Filter Enabled In Directory Listing

I have enabled a spam filter option when adding new sites into our Directory Listing .. What Color Are The Yellow Pages? The answer is …. yellow (lower case!)

Our Directory Listing Rejection Letter

Currently, on average, I am deleting over 150 spam entries into the Directory Listing every day. The amount seems to rise to about 200-300 these past two weekends .. and I must assume that it will get worse. My biggest “PEEVE” is that our directory listing is being added to some automated software or script […]

Free Directory Woes .. continued

I have decided – sorry if it affects you and your submission. Effective October 17, 2006 I have decided to delete 100% of all submissions that are not properly submitted using a category and subcategory to describe the site. I have backdated this (to catch up) all the way to submissions made starting October 13, […]

Swamped with Free-For-All Additions .. But I will catch up!

In the past five days, I have received 387 (as of this moment) new additions to our Free Directory Listing! Thanks for adding your site to our Directory listing! But .. I have added the following to the start page .. NOTE: PLEASE – ADD YOUR SITE TO SUBCATEGORY PAGES .. NOT THE GENERAL SUBJECT […]

Direction of this Blog in the Scheme of Things

In general terms .. this blog is to promote the Free-For-All Directory Listing we have created to enhance linking of sites within our HART-Empire Network and have made available to the public. The script allows us to ping Google with the sitemap of all sites listed in our directory, and we plan to do that […]

Free-For-All Directory Listing Goes Live

We have added a FREE-FOR-ALL Directory Listing to our pages and invite EVERYBODY to add to our directory. INSTRUCTIONS * You may see this post anytime by clicking INSTRUCTIONS on the Free-For-All Directory Listing Page * Click from the top menu .. the button labelled .. FREE-FOR-ALL DIRECTORY LISTING or click on the following link […]