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Tag: Link_Popularity

Link Popularity for the Unpopular, a Quick Primer for Today’s Search Engine Landscape

By Casey Markee So tell the truth, were you popular in high school? Did you have a lot of friends, and a wide social circle? Were you an athlete? Did your accomplishments extend far outside the halls of your alma mater to neighboring schools and counties? If so, then congratulations; you’re probably in the minority […]

How to Strategize Your Link Popularity Campaign

By Gerrick W Link popularity is the number of links pointing to a website. It is an important factor that major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN use to rank web pages. Webmasters figure out that in order for their web pages to rank well at the search engines for certain keywords, they need […]

How to Increase Your Web Site Link Popularity

By Charles Ryder Link popularity is without doubt one of the most important aspects of a search engine ranking algorithm – this variable tells the search engine how many web sites out there are linking to your web site, which gives a really good indication of how popular or important your site is. Your web […]

Role of Link Popularity in getting Top Google Rankings

By Prabuddha S Raychaudhuri How many sites link to your site? In other words, state the link popularity health of your site. Have you ever been asked this question? And, did not know what to say? Go to Google. Type in in the search box. The number that Google throws up, namely, 115,000 (on […]

Improving Your Site’s Link Popularity, And Search Engine Ranking

By Donald Nelson Have you ever wondered why one web site (maybe yours) is buried deep in the search rankings for a particular keyword, while another site (your competitor’s) is at the top? Both sites may have similar content and even similar metatags, but one is number one and the other is number 131. The […]

Link Popularity and Press Releases

By Gary Sims The quantity of links to your site is used by the search engines (like Google) to calculate the importance of your site. This measure of incoming links is called “Link Popularity”. Press releases are a powerful way in which you can promote your site, service or product while at the same time […]

Improving Link Popularity by Submitting to Niche Directories

By Michael Lawrence Since Search Engine’s are placing more and more emphasis on “link popularity” as part of their search engine ranking algorithms, webmasters should definately invest some time building quality backlinks to their site. There are a number of effective ways to build your link popularity and one of the most valuable is submitting […]

Link Popularity – Basic Overview

By Nicole St.Martin There are many techniques that SEM/SEO experts use to optimize Web sites. One of the more important techniques is “Link Popularity.” Link popularity is referred to as an off-page factor in the search engine world, and is representative of one of the more important elements in influencing a Web site’s position in […]

Building Link Popularity with Topical Articles

By Daria Goetsch One of the important factors in ranking high in search engine results is link popularity. It is not enough to just have the best website in the world–other sites have to point back to you. The thought is that if your site is good enough for others to link to you, then […]

15 Link Exchange Tips

By Lesley Dietschy Establishing inbound links through reciprocal link exchanges is a very effective promotional and advertising tool. If done correctly, building inbound links can improve your rankings in the search engines by raising your link popularity, increasing your website traffic, and providing a valuable resource for your website customers and visitors. Here are 15 […]